Camp H-Town is staffed by diverse and caring volunteers who are carefully selected, screened, and assigned. Everyone is a volunteer committed to making the week spectacular. All volunteers must be at least 21, complete a thorough application process which includes an interview and background check, and must participate in extensive mandatory training.

Our volunteers come from all over Houston and the country. We have a minimum of 2 campers to 1 counselor supervision ratio. With our leadership, program, and medical staff, our ratio is nearly 1 on 1.

All Camp H-Town staff share a commitment to the well-being and happiness of our campers and often say that camp is a life-changing experience that exceeds their highest expectations.

Camp H-Town provides quality medical care from a team of professionals including physicians and nurses who are onsite 24 hours a day. Our Medical Team reviews every camper’s application and coordinates care with their treating physicians. The camp medical team is available onsite at all times to administer medications, change dressings, and respond to all camper health needs. There is always one Pediatric Oncologist Doctor on-site and at least 3 nurses and they come from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Our dedicated staff are committed to making Camp H-Town a great experience for children with (& beyond) cancer and their siblings in Houston.